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Thread: Tài liệu nghiên cứu khoa học tiếng Anh

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    Default Tài liệu nghiên cứu khoa học tiếng Anh

    1. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). An Introduction to Applied Epidemiology and Biostatistics, 3rd edition. [download]
    2. T. D. V. Swinscow. Statistics at Square One, 9th Edition. BMJ Publishing Groups 1997. [amazon] [xem] [tải về]
    3. University of Johns Hopkins. Introduction to Biostatistics.
    4. University of Johns Hopkins. Methods in Biostatistics I.
    5. University of Johns Hopkins. Methods in Biostatistics II.
    6. Tufts University. Epidemiology and Biostatistics.
    7. Sprent P. Statistics in medical research. Swiss Med Wkly 2003;133(39-40):522-9. [download]
    8. Carley S, Lecky F. Statistical consideration for research. Emerg Med J 2003;20(3):258-62. [download]
    9. Ng KH, Peh WC. Presenting the statistical results. Singapore Med J 2009;50(1):11-4. [download]
    10. Schriger DL, Cooper RJ. Achieving graphical excellence: suggestions and methods for creating high-quality visual displays of experimental data. Ann Emerg Med 2001;37(1):75-87. [download]
    11. Morshed S, Tornetta P 3rd, Bhandari M. Analysis of observational studies: a guide to understanding statistical methods. J Bone Joint Surg Am 2009;91 Suppl 3:50-60. [download]
    12. Clark TG, Bradburn MJ, Love SB, Altman DG. Survival analysis part I: basic concepts and first analyses. Br J Cancer 2003;89(2):232-8. [download]
    13. Bradburn MJ, Clark TG, Love SB, Altman DG. Survival analysis part II: multivariate data analysis-an introduction to concepts and methods. Br J Cancer 2003;89(3):431-6. [download]
    14. Bradburn MJ, Clark TG, Love SB, Altman DG. Survival analysis Part III: multivariate data analysis-choosing a model and assessing its adequacy and fit. Br J Cancer 2003;89(4):605-11. [download]
    15. Clark TG, Bradburn MJ, Love SB, Altman DG. Survival analysis part IV: further concepts and methods in survival analysis. Br J Cancer 2003;89(5):781-6. [download]
    16. Strasak AM, Zaman Q, Pfeiffer KP, Göbel G, Ulmer H. Statistical errors in medical research - a review of common pitfalls. Swiss Med Wkly 2007;137(3-4):44-9. [download]
    17. Lang T. Twenty statistical errors even you can find in biomedical research articles. Croat Med J 2004;45(4):361-70. [download]
    18. Martínez-Sellés M, Prieto L, Herranz I. Frequent mistakes in the statistical inference of biomedical data. Ital Heart J 2005;6(2):90-5. [download]
    19. Okeh UM. Statistical problems in medical research. East Afr J Public Health 2009;6 Suppl(1):1-7. [download]
    20. Articles series: "Research fundamentals" (Academic Emergency Medicine)
    Getting from Hypothesis to Manuscript: An Overview of the Skills Required for Success in Research

    Choosing and Defining a Research Question

    Elements of a Research Protocol for Clinical Trials

    Choosing a research design
    Selection and Development of Clinical Outcome Measures
    Statistical Considerations in Research Design: A Simple Person's Approach

    The use of laboratory animal models in research

    Ethical Issues of Data Reporting and the Quest for Authenticity

    Misconduct in biomedical research

    Choosing an Appropriate Journal, Manuscript Preparation, and Interactions with Editors
    21. Articles series: "Statistical Methodology" (Academic Emergency Medicine)
    Incorporating the Prevalence of Disease into the Sample Size Calculation for Sensitivity and Specificity
    Reliability and Validity Assessment in Study Design, Part A
    Reliability and Validity Assessment in Study Design, Part B
    Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curves

    Analysis of Variance, Analysis of Co variance, and Multivariate Analysis of Variance
    Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) in Emergency Medicine Research
    Q-Methodology, a Structural Analytic Approach to Medical Subjectivity

    Survival analysis

    Mathematical Modeling of the Electrocardiogram Using Factor Analysis
    22. Articles series: "Advanced Statistics" (Academic Emergency Medicine)
    Missing Data in Clinical Research—Part 1: An Introduction and Conceptual Framework

    Missing Data in Clinical Research—Part 2: Multiple Imputation

    How to Determine Whether Your Intervention Is Different, At Least As Effective As, or Equivalent: A Basic Introduction

    Linear Regression,Part I: Simple Linear Regression

    Linear Regression, Part II: Multiple Linear Regression

    Statistical Methods for Analyzing Cluster and Cluster-randomized Data
    The Propensity Score—A Method for Estimating Treatment Effect in Observational Research
    Understanding Medical Record Review (MRR) Studies Applying Statistical Process Control Techniques to Emergency Medicine: A Primer for Providers
    Developing a Formal Model of Emergency Department Census and Defining Operational Efficiency

    Up with Odds Ratios! A Case for Odds Ratios When Outcomes Are Common

    Bootstrapping confidence intervals for statistics with "difficult" distributions
    23. Articles series: "Basic statistics for doctors" (Singapore Medical Journal)

    101: Data Presentation (June 2003)
    102: Quantitative Data – Parametric & Non-Parametric Tests (August 2003)
    103: Qualitative Data – Tests of Independence (October 2003)
    104: Correlational Analysis (Decemeber 2003)
    201: Linear Regression Analysis (February 2004)
    202: Logistic Regression Analysis (April 2004)
    203: Survival Analysis (June 2004)
    301: Repeated Measurement Analysis (GLM) (August 2004)
    301A: Repeated Measurement Analysis – mixed models (GLM) (October 2004)
    302: Principal Component & Factor Analysis (December 2004)
    303: Discriminant Analysis (February 2005)
    304: Cluster Analysis (April 2005)
    305: Multinomial Logistic Regression (June 2005)
    306: Log-linear models – Poisson Regression (August 2005)
    24. Cook NR. Statistical evaluation of prognostic versus diagnostic models: beyond the ROC curve. Clin Chem 2008;54(1):17-23. [download]
    25. Cook NR. Use and misuse of the receiver operating characteristic curve in risk prediction. Circulation 2007;115(7):928-35. [download]
    26. Article series: "Essentials of Biostatistics" (Indian Pediatrics)
    Medical uncertainties
    Designs of Medical Studies
    Methods of Sampling and Data Collection
    Numerical Methods to Summarize Data
    Graphical Methods to Summarize Data
    Reference Values in Medicine and Validity of Diagnostic Tests
    Measures of Mortality and Morbidity in Children
    Basic Philosophy of Statistical Tests, Confidence Intervals and Sample Size Determination
    Statistical Inference From Qualitative Data: Proportions, Relative Risks and Odds Ratios
    Statistical Inference from Quantitative Data : Comparison of Means and Other Locations
    Statistical Relationships and the Concept of Multiple Regression
    Multiple Measurements and Their Simultaneous Consideration

    (BS Nguyễn Thành Tâm biên soạn)
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    Lung tung quá. Mở topic download tạp chí theo yêu cầu hay hơn. Nhưng có lẽ cũng không cần vì để ngưởi cần tự bỏ tiền ra mua. Tiền ở đâu? Tiền làm từ phòng khám, hoa hồng, mổ bậy... Bệnh nhân đa số là người đáng thương...
    Download tài liệu y khoa

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    "Vọng- Văn- Vấn- Thiết" theo yêu cầu thì hay hơn bác qdn nhỉ?

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